The MEMOLOVE - A meaning wooden hanging pot holder.

I love working wood as a hobby and I like objects that in some way improve the life of those who own them. Recently, choosing to spend more time at home as a precaution I recreated an object that fascinated me, seen a few years ago in a New Orleans market.
It is a wooden hanging pot holder.
Actually, however beautiful and useful it might be, it is difficult to think that a pot holder could improve the life of its owner but I believe that this one has all the potential because the context in which I built it determined its function and meaning.
Living in a 60 square meters apartment, I definitely don't have room for a laboratory so I have to use the living room as working place.
In the living room, many of us use to have family photos and just some of them plus thinking about the difficult moments we are all experiencing this year inspired me to give the pot holder a new and more personal meaning which I believe is its great commercial potential.
Unfortunately at the moment I do not have any possibility to finance the project (patent, production, marketing, etc.) so I am looking for a partner (s), preferably with experience in the commercial field.
I am not a greedy person so I am open to any serious proposal.

Thank you.