i need one partner

    my name is jimmy. i come from china . i just moved to sweden 7 monthes ago for my swedish wife and child. so now i wanna do import bicycles busniess. the bikes is from usa and it already have a brand . i know the boss directly  who was my old  customer from my AD company in china  i been skype with him weeks and told him that i want be his brands supplier in EU. 

   so now  i am looking for someone know the martket in sweden or eu of bikes   or someone want do bikes busniess with interestd  or someone willing to put money to open company with me together .  i live in kalmar. just call me or msg me .    my phone number :768974453


hello im in motorbuisness.. call me on 0702899190
I am looking for entrepreneurs. The ideal potential partner is someone who is ready to build a business — someone whose best years are ahead of them. I am looking for entrepreneurs with the right mix of experience, drive, creativity, and cultural fit. In return, i will provide funding, tools, and resources to help my partners reach new heights of success. I am willing to invest upto $200 Million USD Do you have any project that needs funding? I am wondering if this would interest you. Pah Sami. CHINA FIRST CAPITAL INVESTMENT BANK 9988 Shennan Avenue Shenzhen, China TEL:(86) 021-38834999 Ext 861 FAX:(86) 021-68872488 Email: pahsami@gmail.com