Entreprenör söker Innovatör

Hello everybody, This message is not business area (bransch) or location (stad) dependet. This is applicable in all.

I am a bit frustrated.

You see, I have black belt in starting up new ideas and concepts, value proposition and business model workshopping, doing things, take initiative, test and verify ideas, architect customer journey and corresponding customer touch points, implement in all customer journey processes steps, set up sales, customer service and .... but I don't have this new Idea or concepts.
I am an entrepreneur. Not an innovator. I have realized that there have always (almost) been two. Partnership.
Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Spotify, Apple, Protector & Gamble, eBay, Skype .. there are many examples of a pair. One Innovator and one Entrepreneur.
Both are necessary to accomplish success.
I am a limping entrepreneur without a partner innovator. Are you an innovator? Do you have a brilliant idea or concept?

Please reach out!

Tomas Holmstrand



Hej, jag är en innovatör som saknar entreprenören vid min sida.