business opportunity / partnership

I am searching for a business opportunity in order to start-up an investment (a company). I am looking for a co-investment partnership or collaboration. I would prefer a production facility located in Romania; nevertheless, other Directions Can Be Considered  as  well (distribution, sales representative, production branch, etc.). I am opened to detailed discussions with any person or small / medium sized company interested in a co-investment in order to relocate the production or Increase it, entering the Romanian market through a local branch, etc. 

Ready to Get Involved 100% in terms of time and money.


hey im interested of little details and why u want to start it in romania /michael
Hallo again Sorry I haven´t answered you earlier. I was in Lissabon now in feb, and saw many people from Romanian working with our products. I send you a link to the webshop you have when you have started cooperative with our company. We have business opportunity in over 80 countries, and you get now the romanian market...You can mail at my mail
I am looking for entrepreneurs. The ideal potential partner is someone who is ready to build a business — someone whose best years are ahead of them. I am looking for entrepreneurs with the right mix of experience, drive, creativity, and cultural fit. In return, i will provide funding, tools, and resources to help my partners reach new heights of success. I am willing to invest upto $200 Million USD Do you have any project that needs funding? I am wondering if this would interest you. Pah Sami. CHINA FIRST CAPITAL INVESTMENT BANK 9988 Shennan Avenue Shenzhen, China TEL:(86) 021-38834999 Ext 861 FAX:(86) 021-68872488 Email: